Another weekend complete – but unlike other weekends this one was extra special – valentine’s celebration!

What a night – A complete blast with a valentine’s theme dinner with the ladies – it was full of laughter at the table and great food.  We celebrated at Axia, a cool chic restaurant that serves oriental food.

I tried the crispy beef with rice and to my surprise it was not at all what I expected.  I managed to grab some to go for my boyfriend who loves to try new cuisine.
My friend Karen, who hosted the night’s festivities included a twist to the whole night with a table game for all of us to play.
We had two phrases to randomly throw in to our regular conversations – the twist? It had nothing to do with a normal conversation.

Ie:  “seriously…sex is always on my mind!”
I mean how funny and random is that to throw into a conversation at the dinner table with your girlfriends? Some may say quite easy, I disagree.  However, one of the girls managed to make it quite easy for me since she jumped in and started discussing the topic I had to state! 🙂

We then continued on by gathering up at Karen’s house for drinks and a game of UNO 🙂 (ol’ school) The night was quite fun with chit chats and sporactic beats of Cataracts ft. Dev “Bass down low” as everyone unwinded before heading home.

Waking up to a man you love and a lil’ rugrat whom you love just as much is just the best thing I could want or ask for.  When I woke up, I had a little bear with a heart balloon sitting beside me to wish me Happy Valentine’s day.  (Now the reason he gave me my present earlier is because we were busy to spend it on the day of the actual festivities)

To continue a great day with things we both love and enjoy, a hearty breakfast was in order.  Nothing says Breakfast like “Coras”
A crepomelette drizzled with hollandaise sauce and a side of Hot chocolate with whipped cream sure makes my day! 🙂
We then had to burn off the calories we consumed with none other than the joy of skating!
I haven’t skated in over 8 years and my boyfriend was not going to let me retire my skates anytime soon.  So off we went to Iceland, a local skating arena that was having an hour and half skate time to the public.  My lovely skates thankfully were still a good fit, a lil worn out but still good to use.
It was a fun experience again – I made 6 full laps by holding on to the side railing and my boyfriend LOL.  Needless to say, I had good support because I did not kiss the ice that day.

We then decided to go shopping with family because Nish(bf’s sister) wanted a new phone.  After much research we ended up with no phone, but well educated in our product knowledge of the latest technological gadgets and plans that went with them.
I was exhausted by this point so a nap was definitely in order.  It didn’t really help but at least I got some Zzzz’s in.

Saturday Evening
The main part of our day was of course our good friend, Mishal’s bday party at her house.  It was full of fun and laughter and MICHAEL JACKSON’s – THE EXPERIENCE! What a game – I couldn’t stop laughing at the “experience” of attempting his signature dance moves.  The guys truly knocked the ball out of the park with the attempt of “Black or White” – a great dance song!

Then it was followed by Taboo – to which we both teams tied 🙂

Before you know it – everyone was so tired out we slowly made our way home to catch up on some more Zzzzs…and its not even officially Valentine’s day 🙂


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