They say man’s best friend is none other than an adorable lil’ pup who waits for you at the door to greet you and watches out for you and your home when away.

I say, that’s not the case.

Meet SIMBA – a lovable, playful, mischievous, yet huggable feline.
Weighing in at close to 10lb at only 7 months of age, this lil’ munchkin is everything my boyfriend and I could hope for – minus the “surprises” he leaves for us around the house!


I got Simba right before my 25th birthday as a gift from my boyfriend – something we can mutually call our own to love 🙂
We picked him up from the Mississauga Adoption Center (which conveniently happened to be around the same weekend we decided to go for another cat – after our beloved Stevey passed away)
As much as we wanted to pick out two from the litter that we got to choose from, Simba or “LEFTIE” as they named him, was ours from the get-go.  He was so afraid of people around him, he kept hiding from us, but was latching on to our shirts, when we picked him up.

Now to pick a name for him was a challenge because I mean, what kind of name is “LEFTIE” – double negative on that one!

So after a week or so of debating, we picked SIMBA – fierce, strong, yet cute for our new family member.

**see his paw – hence “LEFTIE”

*look how cute and lil he was!!!*

Today, Simba is as playful as can be, with his new toys and playmate (Clover, my boyfriend’s dog – a chocolate Labrador retriever mix) – they just can’t get enough of each other!

*Simba: heyyy clover whatcha doinnnnnn  *Clover: oh nothin’ just bearrrr stuff



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  1. I LOVE SIMBA!!! Understatement of the year I know, but it needed to be said, just once more!

  2. Hi, I figrd it out :)- I’m def. persistant if not anything !! Well done on this amazing site… I love the fresh look you are taking . The pictures add such a flare to your stories… don’t stop, you’ve got my attention :)- I am a fan!!!

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