One of the greatest things about living in Toronto is the endless celeb sightings.  From September 8th to September 18th, 2011 it was certainly no exception.

The Toronto International Film Festival 2011 wrapped up yesterday and between the chaos, screaming fans, and the infamous Madonna incident with the volunteers, the memories will forever live on.

From Megan Fox to Kevin Durand and others on the celebrity sightings, my Volunteer experience for the 1st year at TIFF was exhausting yet surreal.  Not only did I manage to almost seat Megan and her Hubby Brian but I got to take a picture with Adam Scott from the upcoming movie “Friends with Kids”.  Needless to say – I was starstruck!

Here are just a few pics, I managed to get to make my experience even more special.

<ADAM SCOTT & I at the premiere of “FRIENDS WITH KIDS”>

<Jon Hamm from MAD MEN>

<not the best pic but its MEGAN FOX>

<For all 90210 fans, he’s even more Handsome in person: BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN>

Met someone who had this beautiful Great Burnese Dog and we just had to take a picture!



<CAMERON BAILEY co-director of TIFF>

<TIFF worker – she just looked so adorable in her outfit!>

<SELMA BLAIR signing autographs>


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