2012 is here and on the first day of the new year, i sat down and considered my new resolutions i would set for myself.  Now as many of you know, coming up with the list is easy, but maintaining it is a whole other ball game.
Let’s start with what my first resolution of the year is:  

Drink More…Water.  

For those who know me, I barely touch half of the required glasses a day.  It’s not because I don’t like just plain water or that I need it to be flavoured, I simply do not reach for it.  It may seem odd but that’s just me.
Now the big question: How do I ensure the success of keeping to this resolution?
Some say bring a big bottle for the day and keep it with you at all times – which is a good idea.  However, it didn’t work in 2011, so why would it work in 2012?
So i thought ok what do i do best — write stuff down! It may seem silly but it works! I’ve also decided to perhaps place the word “water” strategically into my daily locations (work, home, room, car, etc) in order to trigger my brain into knowing what it wants. 

I’ll keep everyone posted if my technique works 🙂 ’til then, here’s to my first resolution of 2012 – Cheers


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