Transitioning from something old to something new is not always a warm fuzzy feeling that you get. However,  when it comes to technology it gives me just that.
With endless knowledge from my boyfriend and the popular reviews from everyone, I am now an Apple user.  Here are just some new items I got.

1. Macbook Pro: simple yet full of memory and not to mention a little colourful with my new green cover to protect it from scratches.

2. iPad 2: I don’t know why I didn’t have this sooner but it’s one of the “must-haves” wherever I go.  It’s multi-functional, mobile all while maintaining a fashionable exterior

3. iPhone 5: although it does not have much of an upgrade from the previous generation, it works perfectly fine for me to converse with those I have in my life.  Did I mention I’m also now obsessed with finding great cases – like this one!


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