.Movember. Day 1

It’s finally here!! The time where mankind starts a new and journeys down a path to creating the perfect – or almost perfect – caveman feature.

I like to refer it to as “The Ultimate Caveman Showdown”

Now many of you are thinking that I, Bianca, am a woMAN and unless i changed cultures or religion or my sex, the Movember experience really doesn’t roll up my alley.
So I’m here to say — NOT TRUE!

As a woman, I too can participate in this great “showdown” through various styles.

1.  Electronic Accessories:

Gold ‘Stache

2.   Jewellery:

Moustache Ring

3.  Playing Dress-up:

I always like being a kid =)

4.  Clothing:

Keep Calm & Stache on

So you see, not only can I participate, I can also look good while doing it.

Ladies, start your Movember experience Now!


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