With the new year in full swing, eating right is simply the way to go.

Tonight’s meal: spicy Dijon honey mustard chicken & potato salad.

Ingredients: kale, chicken thigh pieces, seasoned cubed potatoes, dried cranberries, cherry tomatoes, chop suey noodles (good sub for croutons) and drizzled with raspberry dressing.

Bon Appetit!




A new year…a new me! 

I’ve always wanted to learn what makes me happy and towards the end of 2013, my life slowly started revealing just that. 

For the next 100 days, I would like to share with each of you, one thing that makes me happy. 

Starting with this message that i love to read every morning when i begin my day:

#100HappyDays #Blessed #PushHarder



As many of you know i have an amazing 12-pound ball of fur that I refer to as SIMBA. He is absolutely adorable and he loves to make every day interesting by giving me new places to find him hiding in.

He also loves to nap (Quel Surpris!) One of those places is this old grey dusty carriage that my boyfriend had from his previous pets.
I was originally going to buy a brand new carrier but instead I opted to re-do the existing one.

My original idea consisted of creating a boat-like carriage just to make him feel even more of a king than he already is.  Then, with input form my boyfriend (a guy’s perspective is always much appreciated) I changed the original design to simply adding white stripes to create a race car effect.  The creative design was partially from loving everything stripes (mostly apparel) and coincidentally mirroring my boyfriend’s model car  – a 1996 Viper.

The doors and the hinges were done in silver to give it the “chrome” effect.



image (1)



As an amateur blogger, I’m constantly trying to find topics that would interest my current audience.
I could discuss the news (hmm not so fascinating!) or food (YUM!) or perhaps fashion (that i’m continuously learning about).

What most intrigued me amongst my list of topic discussions was my love for finding great deals on items that resembled high-fashion with a seemingly lower price tag. Thus resulting in “More for Less” – a new segment that will release from time-to-time to illustrate that you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for what you want to look good.

Here’s my first – Enjoy!


   Ardene Sweater ($20$ // Jean shirt ($9)// white tank (random multi sale) // tights (random multi sale)

Main Inspiration: TNA denim shirt ($95) and a Wilfred Free sweater ($145)