.Movember. Day 1

It’s finally here!! The time where mankind starts a new and journeys down a path to creating the perfect – or almost perfect – caveman feature.

I like to refer it to as “The Ultimate Caveman Showdown”

Now many of you are thinking that I, Bianca, am a woMAN and unless i changed cultures or religion or my sex, the Movember experience really doesn’t roll up my alley.
So I’m here to say — NOT TRUE!

As a woman, I too can participate in this great “showdown” through various styles.

1.  Electronic Accessories:

Gold ‘Stache

2.   Jewellery:

Moustache Ring

3.  Playing Dress-up:

I always like being a kid =)

4.  Clothing:

Keep Calm & Stache on

So you see, not only can I participate, I can also look good while doing it.

Ladies, start your Movember experience Now!

Red White and Blue

Now that fall is here the cold is slowly settling in.  I’m still not convinced i’m ready for it and i’m not ready to give up my tanks and flats.
This white short sleeve thrift sweater is a perfect piece to my ensemble to keep me warm yet comfy. Combined with red skinny jeans and my navy blue striped blazer, it’s a great way to stay in style.



Pants: Urban Planet ($19) ; Blazer: Value Village ($8); White Top: Value Village ($6)


Transitioning from something old to something new is not always a warm fuzzy feeling that you get. However,  when it comes to technology it gives me just that.
With endless knowledge from my boyfriend and the popular reviews from everyone, I am now an Apple user.  Here are just some new items I got.

1. Macbook Pro: simple yet full of memory and not to mention a little colourful with my new green cover to protect it from scratches.

2. iPad 2: I don’t know why I didn’t have this sooner but it’s one of the “must-haves” wherever I go.  It’s multi-functional, mobile all while maintaining a fashionable exterior

3. iPhone 5: although it does not have much of an upgrade from the previous generation, it works perfectly fine for me to converse with those I have in my life.  Did I mention I’m also now obsessed with finding great cases – like this one!


It’s been a while since i’ve written a post and during that time I found a lot of material to use for the upcoming weeks.
So sit tight! ’til then – Happy weekend!



There seems to be a very bold look this year or should i say a “blinded by the light” look to sure take over everyone’s hearts.  Here’s just a few that took over mine ❤

Looking great in a maxi from Gap; Something amazing to add to a dress, a top, a pair of trousers – this belt won’t disappoint